We are experienced in making online shops. We can help your business growing online and making profit. Comprehensive features include:

Multi images items display
Related items presentation
Discount feature
Membership with discount and loyalty system
Order management
Inventory (optional)
Purchase Order (optional)


Online Shopping

Online shopping is commonly used in nowadays business with millions of transactions and billions dollar involved daily. With today technology, it is easy to setup and start an online ordering. However, failure always outnumbers successful cases. Why?

How to be successful?
To succeed in online ordering, you got to have;

  • well managed and organized product database to enable easy browsing and searching
  • good product photos to give attractive presentation and boost purchase impulse
  • reasonable return policy to give confidence
  • good after sell service to give customer satisfaction
  • good social platform to keep customer loyalty
  • good EDM to boost promotions and marketing activities; keep high awareness

Chance of success of an online shop with above features will definitely be increased tremendously.

Our role
We are here to help you on the followings.

  • to consider the case as a whole and advise on the chance of success
  • to advise you on the risk and the cost, both on start up and running
  • to build and setup your online ordering system
  • to design future operation and running of the system



  Setup cost  Service Fee
Stardard Version*  HKD4000 HKD4800/year
Advanced Version** HKD8000 up HKD6800/year


*Standard Version

  • Product Database
  • Shopping Cart
  • Static product presentation w/ multiple photos
  • Single price system
  • Single shipment cost
  • Check out
  • Order database for owner
  • Buyer registration and login
  • Order record for buyer
  • Sales report

**Advanced Version

  • All standard version features
  • Inventory function
  • Customized product specification
  • Customized price formula w/ different discount systems
  • Different pricing system, i.e., stock sale, bulk purchase, etc.
  • Advanced shipment cost system, i.e., areas, quantity, etc.
  • Buyer satisfaction survey system
  • Vendor management
  • Purchase Order system


Online Payment

Adding online payment to your online ordering system, just one tip away! No matter to collect worldwide or from Mainland China, we can concur with PayPal and AsiaPay to suit your specific requirement.

HKD1500, once and for all