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Our service includes EDM, search engine, facebook, SMS…

Our services includes:

Email Direct Marketing (EDM)
Facebook Applications
SMS Marketing



Email Direct Marketing (EDM)

About EDM System
Email Direct Marketing is now the most common, effective and economical way of marketing tool widely accepted in nowadays advertising activities.


  1. Easy to operate
  2. Lower marketing costs
  3. Closer customer relationship
  4. More inquiries and feedback


What OFFERU can do for you?

  1. Design EDM
    To make your emails look attractive, we design EDM matching your designated theme and make your content stand out.
  2. Modify Email Content
    To reduce the chance of being filtered as spam, we analyze and revise your email content complying with the latest guidelines set by most major mail servers.
  3. Send Email in Schedule
    To maintain an excellent customer relationship, we send out your emails according to your requested schedule to let your customers know your company latest news and products/services.
  4. Track Email Campaign Effectiveness
    To provide you the most convenience, we track the send rate, open rate, click rate, bounce rate and handle un-subscription for you.


Monthly Fee
(email addresses)
Monthly Limit 
(emails sent to each recipient)
400 1 to 500 unlimited
600 501 to 1000 unlimited
960 1001 to 2500 unlimited
1600 2501 to 5000 unlimited
2400 5001 to 10000 unlimited
4800 10001 to 25000  unlimited
7680 25001 to 50000 unlimited

We are pleased to quote for other volume and requirement. Please contact us for details.

Subject to a minimum charge of two months. Subsequent monthly fee should be settled before the 7th day of each month.
Two calendar week notice to terminate the service.
No refund of any amount paid.
15% off to any subscription and prepaid of 12 months.


Facebook applications

Facebook apps
How to cope with facebook commercially? Can we put advertising value into your facebook page? Here is our answer. Facebook apps is a neutralized, and meanwhile, effective way to present your business on facebook page.

How it works?


  • synchronization between update information between website and facebook wall, keeping fans updated with latest company news
  • “like” and “share” features in website
  • tailor made facebook landing page
  • tailor made facebook events, news, promotions page for ad hoc marketing event


Who should use?
B2C consumer goods that features quick response to market and product changes. Especially fits baby/kids products, fashion, personal luxury products, restaurants/catering, entertainment etc.
Personal professional services that require close and personal relationship with clients, especially fits medical, beauty, professional consultancy, etc.



  • up-to-date, trendy and gimmick
  • huge potential customers base
  • fast and responsive
  • direct communication with customers
  • an extension of website to general public, and direct potential customers back to the designated website

Talk with us now. We will study your needs and tailor a plan for you.



SMS Marketing

SMS marketing
Aims at much personalized, convenient and secured customers relationship, SMS is highly successful tool. Just give us the SMS content with list of recipient, we do the rest for you at your designated time.

How to get a good result out of it?
Take care of the following features in your SMS marketing and maximize the result.

  • Targeting of message
  • Try out location based program to fit ad hoc marketing events
  • Database segmentation
  • Proper use of reply

Important Note
Must comply with “Unsolicited Electronic Mail Ordinance” (UEMO). We will manage your database and message in a way to comply with UEMO guideline.

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